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English Grammar Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams pdf

english grammar questions and answers for competitive exams pdf : some english grammar mcq for competitive exam like ssc, bank and others exams.
english grammar questions and answers for competitive exams pdf

English Grammar Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams pdf: Hello everyone today we will see some general english for competitive exams questions and answers. It will help you to prepare for the exams like ssc, bank and other competitive exams. You can also download its pdf from our download section. 

English Grammar questions and answers for competitive exams pdf

1. __________ is a dangerous thing.
  1. Little knowledge 
  2. Little learning 
  3. A little knowledge 
  4. The little learning
2. I could not refrain ______ shedding tears.
  1. by
  2. to
  3. from
  4. with
3. She was waiting for you _______ the table this morning.
  1. on
  2. at
  3. for
  4. with
4. The boy made good _________ in his studies.
  1. progress
  2. growth
  3. development 
  4. advancement 
5. He sold his property because he was under a lot of __________.
  1. account 
  2. debit
  3. loan
  4. credit
6. You must ___________ your career with all seriousness.
  1. direct
  2. manage
  3. complete 
  4. pursue
7. The ship was __________ from its course by bat weather.
  1. drawn
  2. diverted
  3. pushed
  4. distracted
8. I took an aspirin to __________ the pain in my knee.
  1. cited
  2. deviate 
  3. alleviate 
  4. plagiarized
9. As he was _________ people often confided in him.
  1. wane
  2. caustic
  3. choleric
  4. circumspect 
10. I like to use __________ to relax before I start my yoga class.
  1. ominous
  2. annals
  3. summation 
  4. visualisation
11. I listened but I had no idea what he was __________ about.
  1. saying
  2. talking
  3. telling 
  4. discussing 
12. Questions will be answered by a ________ of experts.
  1. group
  2. band
  3. staff
  4. panel
13. The solution to the problem _________ me.
  1. outgrew
  2. outraged
  3. evaded
  4. undermined
14. Can any thing __________ a mother's love for her child?
  1. exchange
  2. replace 
  3. compensate 
  4. displace
15. The basic issue is that the system of education has got __________ within.
  1. Oppressed 
  2. exhausted 
  3. corroded 
  4. deteriorated
16. He did not make a single _________ to any controversial matter in his speech.
  1. illusion 
  2. elision
  3. allusion 
  4. elucidation 
17. Such _________ clothes did not appeal to her nor did they suit her.
  1. simple
  2. ornate
  3. gaudy
  4. fatuous
18. No one can say for sure how _________ the awards have been.
  1. determined
  2. effective 
  3. reducible 
  4. effervescent 
19. The ___________ conclusion is that people will have to live with rising prices.
  1. final
  2. ultimate 
  3. hopeless 
  4. inescapable 
20. The striking transport operators have decided to __________ their agitation.
  1. intensify
  2. prolong 
  3. worsen
  4. aggravate

Download the PDF with answers from our download section. 

General English for Competitive Exam

Spelling Test

Find out the correct spelling word. 

1. a. Sugast
b. Sujest
c. Suggest
d. Suggast

2. a. Haabits
b. Habits
c. Habitts
d. Habbits

3. a. Cemetry
b. Cemetary
c. Cemetery
d. Cemmetery

4. a. Terrer
b. Teror
c. Terror
d. Teror

5. a. Rehythem
b. Rhythm
c. Rhythem
d. Rhythom

6. a. Navitation
b. Navijation
c. Navigation
d. Nevigation

7. a. Religian
b. Religoin
c. Religion
d. Religen

8. a. Rasteraunt
b. Rastaurent
c. Restaurant
d. Restaurent

9. a. Parlamentary
b. Parlimentary
c. Parliamentary
d. Parliamentery

10. a. Uttrance
b. Utterance
c. Uterance
d. Utrance

11. a. Giraffe
b. Geraff
c. Geraffe
d. Giraf

12. a. Alitration
b. Allitration
c. Alliteration
d. Aliteration

13. a. Buisness
b. Bussiness
c. Buisiness
d. Business

14. a. Violence
b. Volency
c. Violance
d. Voilence

15. a. Demcratcc
b. Democratic
c. Demoratic
d. Demecrotic

16. a. Humorrous
b. Homorous
c. Humourous
d. Humorous

17. a. Canine
b. Cannine
c. Canninne
d. Caninee

18. a. Agreement
b. Aggrement
c. Agrement
d. Agremint

19. a. Intelect
b. Intellect
c. Intillect
d. Intelicte

20. a. Favourite
b. Favorete
c. Favouret
d. Favouriet

Download the PDF with answers from our download section. 

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